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The Benefits of Using Aluminum Acoustic Louvers

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Acoustic louvers can help lower the noise emitted by mechanical equipment in buildings and factories. The noise is usually a result of the noise which escapes from the space or openings within the buildings. These louvers are available in a variety of materials, ranging from steel, galvanized steel to aluminum. The louvers can be designed to fit easily into homes as well as commercial buildings.

The best material for an acoustic louver is aluminum. From being budget friendly, it has several other benefits as well. Read on to see why you should make use of aluminum acoustic louvers.


Aluminum acoustic louvers are versatile

One of the major benefits of using aluminum as a material is that it is easy to shape and design according to a client’s wishes. Whether you want something small or tasteful for your home or something heavy duty for a commercial project, aluminum louvers work just as well. Louvers can be designed according to the kid of ventilation that is required.

Sturdy and durable

Although it is comparatively lightweight tan steel or iron, aluminum is very sturdy and durable. No wonder air plane bodies are designed from aluminum. Its lightweight as well as durable and this is the major reason why its strength to weight ratio far outweighs that of any other material.

Aluminum is environmentally safe

Aluminum is completely recyclable, it can be reconstructed to fit or form any structure and model, this property makes it unique and completely environment friendly. Aluminum has high resale and you wouldn’t find it crowding any landfills or being dumped just about anywhere.  Not only is it sustainable but is energy efficient as well.

Aesthetically Appealing

The various designs and construction of alumni louvers make them aesthetically appealing. Another feature is that aluminum is non corrosive and non reactive. This is why aluminum lovers can be reused anywhere and anytime because it doesn’t rust either.

Since these louvers can easily be colored and designed in any way, instead of giving the building a dreary look, thee become a part of the construction and adds to the visual appeal of the building.

Acoustic louvers are a great way to reduce the noise as well as provide air ventilation. These are designed in a way to allow air to flow through with a minimum pressure drop.

Other benefits of acoustic louvers

  • They not only provide noise attenuation but can provide better ventilation and even offers protection from weather elements.
  • It also helps protect employees from potential damage to their hearing abilities and allows them to work in a comfortable and protective environment.

A wide range of acoustic louvers are used for a range of applications. These include

  • Installed in the building opening while reducing the noise but allowing the air to flow easily
  • Built in screens around power plants to reduce noise from mechanical equipment
  • To control the noise from HVAC or heating units
  • To provide general cooling in residential or commercial buildings
  • Used in plant cooling towers as well

Using acoustic louver is the bets way to reduce noise pollution and increase efficiency in work spaces. Choose Aletek Advanced Exhaust Technologies for all your industrial needs.

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Effects of the Quakes on Local Businesses

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Canterbury Quakes & the Effect on Local Businesses

On 4th September 2010 at approximately 4.35am – Christchurch experienced a severe earthquake measuring a magnitude of 7.1.

Following the earthquake ‘after shocks’ were felt on 22 February 2011 as high as 6.3 damaging the already crippled city. The devastation of the quake on the city was felt New Zealand wide as construction crews and Local Businesses started the cleanup and rebuilding process.
Christchurch still has not recovered completely and local business has not returned back to how it was.
It seems digital marketing in Christchurch has increased as local businesses try and rebuild there client bases to pre 2010. But without a solid Digital Marketing strategy, some businesses are finding this difficult.Christchurch Quake
With 50% of organic searches now made with a locality attached we find more consumers are wanting to purchase locally or use local services. This has been a change that has happened over the past 18 months as bigger corporations are dominating Googles page 1 results. By adding “Christchurch” to the end of the query i.e. “builder Christchurch” , you are increasing your chances of finding a local service provider.
Even with Googles – Geo-Location and Google My Business platforms helping the localised businesses, it is still not 100% accurate. The change in the way consumers are searching can only help businesses in the Christchurch area. Lets hope we keep it this way! Don’t hesitate to contact a SEO Services provider that will ensure your business is found the right way!